When new goats are brought and before adding them to the existing herd they need to undergo quarantine and acclimatisation treatment. It is because the animals should be checked and treated for any exisitng desease or ill health due to shipping and habituating them to farm feeding. The following treatments are done in a seperate shed of capacity 50 to 80 animals. Quarentine period is 15-20 Days.

  • Internal Treatment - Deworming
  • External treatment - Dipping
  • Vaccination


  • 10,000 Sq.Ft. Area with twin shed
  • 30 blocks each accommodating 20 animals
  • Each block has 4 seperate line feedig, seperate water shed
  • Seperate yard is connected to the each shed and accomadated with shelter and water shed.
  • Entry and Exit passage to the milk parlor.
  • Male Animals are kept here.
  • Natural mating takes place here.
  • Pregnant animal will be shifted to the individual breeding shed before 10 days to the delivery.


  • 13,500 Sq.Ft. Area with 4 X 6 Ft. Block / shed
  • 108 blocks. Each block for individaul animal
  • Individual block for individual pregnant animal to avoid disturbance, abortion, additional care in feeding and medication
  • Natural care-Natural Delivery
  • After delivery, kids will stay in this block with mother for one month
  • After one month kids are moved to kids pen of area 6 X 10 Ft. - 60 pens
  • Each pen accomadate 10 kids
  • Upto 4 months kids are kept at kidding pen


  • 8000 Sq.Ft. Shed Area
  • 20 partitions
  • 18000 Sq.Ft. yard Area
  • 4 Feeding lines with seperate water facility
  • Upto 600 animals can be accommodated
  • Animals will stay in the yard during Day time
  • During night time animals will stay in the shed


  • 150 Sq.Ft. Area
  • 10 X 15 Ft. block
  • Sick animals are seperated and treated here
  • Seperate shed for sick kid animals
  • 8 sheds for sick kid animals


  • 700 Sq.Ft. Area - Boat shape tank
  • Tank depth is upto neck level of the adult animal
  • Animals are treated here for the removal of Ticks and Lies
  • Water in the tank is medicated water
  • For every three months once animals are treated here


  • 525 Sq.Ft. Area
  • Hygenic Area
  • Milking of 8 + 8 Animals at a time
  • Two passages to connect lactating shed and parlor
  • Mechanised milking unit


  • 525 Sq.Ft. Area
  • Hygenic Area
  • Batch pasteurisation unit of capacity of 270 liters
  • 500 Liters Bulk cooler
  • 500 Liters of Freezer
  • Packing unit for cheese and milk packaging


  • At kidding pen one month old kids seperated from mother are fed with bottle feeding
  • Upto 2½ to 3 months kids are bottle fed
  • During this period kids are gradually introduced to the grains
  • Later kids (after three months) are shifted to growing shed


  • 4 X 10 X 10 Ft pits. Total 25 pits
  • Each pit has seperate tapping system
  • For every 4 months Water is refreshed with fresh water, soil, manure and azola culture
  • Every 15 days once the manure mixing is done
  • Every day azola is collected to feed the animals


As to Avoid infections to the animals from external elements/ workers/visitors at the entrance of the farm as well at each shed Bio security measurments are taken.


  • 38 Acres of total cultivation land
  • 15 Acres is divided into 6 plots for staggered sowing so that year around fodder cultivation is possible
  • one lakh Sesbania, 5000 Mulberry, 1000 Glyricidia and 1000 Soobabul trees around the periphery of the farm
  • 27% of the farm land was divided into different plots for cultivation of Hedge lucerne, Velvet bean, Cow pea bordered with Sesbania and drumstick trees.


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Al-Barkaat Goat Farm