Feeding Pattern

Each Animal should be fed Four times a day and quantity of the food should be 10% of its body weight. The composition of food varies depending on the age of the animal. The food for animals should contain, energy, protein, edible protein, mineral mixture, iron and calcium supplements in proper ratio

Pattern is -

  • To the animal from day one of birth to 30th day should be fed with mother goat milk only. The quantity of mother goat milk is 10% of the body weight of the kid.

    Ex: If new born kid weight is 5 kg, then it should be fed with 125 ml of mother goat milk each time and like wise 4 times a day

  • To the Animals from 30 day to 90 day the food contents should be a. GREEN b. GRAIN c. HAY and d. GOAT MILK.
    The quantity of mixture of all these should be 10% of the body weight. At this stage milk quantity should be decreased from 30 day 90 day such a way that at the 90th day milk feeding should be zero.

  • For the Animals above 90 day, the food composition should be a. GREEN b. GRAINS and c. HAY.
    - GREEN should contain Energy content and Protein content. The quantity of GREEN-Energy should be 30% and GREEN-Protein should be 30% of the total weight of the food.
    Ex: If the animal weight is 50 kg then the total GREEN feed should be 3KG. GREEN-Energy should be 1500 gm and GREEN-Protein should be 1500gm.

    - HAY should contain energy and protein. The weight of HAY should be 30% of the total weight of the food. Quantity of HAY-Energy should be 15% and HAY-Protein should be 15% of the total weight of the food.
    Ex: If the body weight of the animal is 50 kg then the total weight of the HAY should be 1.5Kg. HAY-Energy should be 750 gm and HAY-Protein should be 750 gm.
    - GRAINS Should contain 18% of Edible Protein, Mineral mixture and if necessary supply Iron and Calcium supplements. The quantity of the GRAINS Should be 10% of the total weight of the food.
    Ex: If body weight of the animal is 50 kg then GRAINS should be 500 gm.

NOTE: For Mineral mixture,Iron and Calcium suppliments please DO NOT go for Cow and other Animal Mineral mixture, Iron and Calcium suppliments. Al-Barkaat has experimented with all the said products available in the market since the start of the farm and did not got desired reult from the animals (All most the available products are Cow products).
Now Al-Barkaat has came up with its own formula of food products with 32 required Elements for these animals and manufactured at Sericare-Health Care, Bangalore and getting positive result. Al-Barkaat is supplying this Mineral mixture, Iron and Calcium supplement products to its followers too.

Green-Grain-Hay are

  • Energy GREENS are Grass
  • Protein GREENS are Yellow Maize, Sesbania,Lucerne, Hedge Lucerne, Subabul, Velvet Bean, Mulberry, Drumstick, Jack fruit leaves, Azolla, Cow pea, Horse gram (At least 4 varieties is required and yellow maze is strongly recommended)
  • GRAINS should contain 18% of edible protein, Mineral mixture and if required iron and Calcium supplements
  • Energy HAY are Grass hay and maze hay
  • Protein HAY are Hays of Cow pea, horse gram, Lucern, Velvet bean, Ground nut (leaves and stems of total ground nut plant)


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